Who's Flying NOW? Πιλότοι που πετάνε ΤΩΡΑ!!!!

Τετάρτη, 4 Μαρτίου 2009

My chosen passion...Ozone Addict2!!

Videos...Fly Ozone because....

4 σχόλια:

  1. Αφού βάζεις φωτό επιβάλλεται να το ξαναβρέξουμε !!
    (that means πάρε λεφτά μαζί σου το ΣΚ ..)

  2. .....super!!!! πολύ όμορφα αυτά τα ozone :)

  3. Αντικειμενικά το λες sot έτσι;;;χα,χα,χα! Πάντως είναι κουκλάκια...

  4. Άντε Γιώτα, πάρε περιγραφή από έναν ομοιοποαθή:
    Από Rob's paragliding blog http://www.glidergear.com/blog/

    Addict 2 - Flew it
    Wow. Finally flew the A2 today. Love this glider. You know how on some gliders you can be ahead of the glider, it just doesn't react to what you want it to do fast enough? Or how on others it gets ahead of you and you are chasing the glider to keep it where you want it? Well, with the Addict 2, Ozone nailed it, right in my sweet spot. The glider and I are in perfect harmony. It seems to know what I want to do and reacts perfectly. It wants to turn into the thermal. It doesn't want to get pushed out. It wants to go up.

    Plus, it feels rock solid. More like a 1/2 than a 2. Maybe it's because I am so in tune with this glider. I typically keep a 1/2 glider in my arsenal for those days that look squirrelly but with the A2, my 1/2 gliders are now up for sale.


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